Interest in agricultural machinery continues. While possibly not at the levels experienced through 2022, the prices and levels of interest are historically high. Some manufacturers have been able to catch up on the supply shortfalls seen through 2020-2022 however discounting on new machines has still not occurred and prices have risen sharply since before the pandemic.

We held a stand-alone Multi-Vendor Online sale in March which saw a good clearance and have since been entering lots into regular AuctionsPlus combined sales.

The Stimson Clearing Sale was held in February and was extremely well received. This sale was held on-site with the major items also offered on the AuctionsPlus platform. In excess of 200 bidders registered on-site and 270 registered online (of which 90 were active). There is no denying the additional audience that AuctionsPlus provides, and the added benefit is the sheer traffic on their site provides extremely beneficial publicity for your sale. We thank the Stimson family for their support and congratulate them on the presentation and conduct of the sale – all the best Milt, Lyn, Lloyd, and Janine!

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