Permanent Entitlements 

  • Murrumbidgee High Security: Continued interest, sales at $8800 to $9000/ML, the current trend is seeing smaller parcels (less than say 40ML) are being listed at $8800 while more significant parcels are still attracting $9000. We did field a number of questions about a large parcel of HS Entitlement listed recently at $7500 however upon further enquiry, the parcel was subject to a long-term lease which explained the anomaly.

  • Murrumbidgee General Security: This class of entitlement has seen recent trades in the $2400’s.
    A number of buyers that were consistent on this entitlement over the past couple of years are opting to sit out at present.
  • CICL Delivery Entitlements: We have commercial sized parcels of CICL Delivery Entitlements available for sale, recent sales have been around $85/DE.
  • Groundwater: Continued very low volume of trades throughout this cycle of high surface water availability. We have listed a parcel in the Annual Wilks Water Auction on 12th May and wait with interest to see the market feedback.
  • Murrumbidgee Zone 13 (CICL) Supplementary: Very few trades recently, one buyer in particular that has purchased the majority of the trades over the past number of years is no longer purchasing.

Temporary Allocations

  • As expected, given the high availability and relatively low use in a water year nearing its close, trade of all temporary allocations has been very subdued. At this time of year, most enquiry has been for Carryover holding space and forward allocation trades.
  • Recent forward allocation trades have been between $130 and $140/ML with September to November 2023 delivery.
  • Carryover capacity within Murrumbidgee Z13 has been trading consistently at around $130/ML with risk of spill borne by the holder (placer is guaranteed delivery).
  • The 15th of April allocation outlook has revised up its opening allocation to an indicated 15% for General Security holders. It is interesting to note that any allocation held in accounts above carryover limits at the close of season would also be allocated in addition to amounts previously accounted for.

Water information at a glance